Retreat Costs: $250 per week or $40 daily.
Includes: herbal teas, laundry, access to 300 movies on the server, Wi-fi to room, juice making, and fasting support.

Juice Supplies
Clients pay for juicing supplies (averaging about $5 a daily depending on the juice).
Available at the local market 3 minutes walk from the house.
Carrots: 1 kilo is P40 = $1
Pineapple, Large is P40 =$1
Watermelon Medium Sized is P100 = $2.50

Additional Costs
In Room Massage, 1 1/2 hours with a professional P400 = $8
Doctor consultation at the hospital: P300 = $6
Ultrasound: P650 = $12
Dental Work: Filling P300 = $6
Root Canal: P4000 = $100
Hair Cut: P40 = $1
Guide for Caving or Hiking: P400 = $8 per day.
Visa Cost, 2 months Renewal = $3500 = $80
Van trips with Tom’s 4 x4 air con van: You pay for fuel.

Note P = pesos the currency of the Philippines and the exchange rate is approximate.
Payment is expected in dollars or pesos at the USD exchange rate.
The cost of vegetables also varies according to the season.

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2 Responses to Prices

  1. Beth Pittman says:

    I found the prices listed for the fasting retreat but no dates. Could you please send information about when these retreats take place? I am very interested!!!

  2. Nathen says:

    How can I find out more about your retreat in Philippines ?