Papua New Guinea Detox Retreat

We are moving to Papua New Guinea and will be offering retreat packages in the mountains behind Port Mosebey.

Contact us on the contact form and we will keep you updated.


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33 Responses to Papua New Guinea Detox Retreat

  1. Carolyne says:

    Hi there,
    I was wondering if I could be contacted about any available openings for your retreat during October (if any) I will be returning to Australia from a holiday in the UK and would like to make a booking for Oct ’11. At the moment I am not sure if you will have your retreat in the Philippines or in PNG at that stage, but as I will be booking plane tickets soon I will need to know.
    Thanks very much and look forward to your reply.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Carolyne,
      Yes this is the right location. At the moment moving to PNG to live and work with the national health reform program. Jamie my partner already has a health restaurant and rooms but they are expensive and we want to find cheaper accommodations in the mountains 30 minutes from the city where it is cool for the retreat. We have yet to set prices, photos and the program but can I email you when we are more organized. How soon do you need to know.?

      • Carolyne says:

        Hi Tom, within the next couple of months would be great. I expect to be coming through early October. Are there set days for the retreats? Do you know the starting dates so I can be sure to get there on time?

  2. Jon Hill says:

    I would like to ask the female doctor whose patient was cured of diabetes and Atrial Fibrulation a couple of questions if you can tell me how to contact her..Patient was a man about 61 or so and his doctor was amazed at his outcome…..

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Jon,
      What do you want to know? That would be Reverend Tungina of Sagada.

      • Jon Hill says:

        I think it was all covered in the article….big question for me was stopping the meds as I have A-Fib and am on courmaden.. What happened to cause you to move from Sagada? looked like a perfect setting to me.

  3. VAlerie Cuan says:

    Hi i see you are moving. Is there any info on the PNG retreat? When is this happening?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Val,
      It may be a will before we are set up for a retreat again.
      We do have a place but the demands of the national program are high.
      Are you interested in health or curing a health condition.

  4. emily.aloysius says:

    I am really amased with everything I have read so far on your web. It is really amasing some testimonies I’ve read, just unbelievable. I log on this web the minute I saw Jamie M (MP-PNG) on the daily paper (21/03/11) and could not believe what I saw. I am female, 34 years of age and weight’s about 85kg. This has been my weight for the last 4/5 years now and I’d really like to join your retreat in lossing weight. Please assist.

  5. Faye Everett says:

    Dear Tom,
    Please would you keep me posted with regard to the opening date of your health centre as I desparately need help for a medical condition.
    Many thanks.

    • Faye Everett says:

      Thank you Tom,
      I have Candida and have suffered from a painfuly inflamed bladder since December 2010. My bladder is very sensative to grains.

  6. Craig Marsh says:

    Looking to fast and detox somewhere June 2011

  7. trevor raymond says:

    i am interested in a detox retreat can you send details of what you offer and prices

  8. Amanda says:

    Hi Tom! I was wondering if there are any retreats in June or July of 2011?

  9. Josie Peer says:

    Hello there

    I am interested in going on one of your fasts for early stage breast cancer. They are very difficult to perform at home and I have been attracted by this site and what you offer. I was originally interested in the Breuss Cure approach. Please let me know what your retreat offers and more details about costings.

  10. Bo Hitchcock says:

    Mr Coghill,
    I am 65 and have stage IV Esophogeal Cancer., but in good health otherwise
    I am a little familiar with fasting. I am interested in a retreat that offers the Breuss program.
    Can you direct me?

  11. Kelly says:


    I think I am a bit confused with everything. Do you have an email? or is this the only way to connect? I had spoke with you a few months ago–wondering if you still offer the various online supports for juice fasting? And also did I see somthing about dental work at your new facility? Very interested in that.

    Thank you–Kelly

  12. Jon Hill says:

    Hello, I have been trying to get on a fast for 6 or more months. until lately, I have found it impossible to get by the first evening. I am now in the fourth day of the fast and getting dizzy,a little, sweaty and I am sure I am into detox.
    The first day my glucose went to 83 so I quit the 20 units of insulin night and morning. I also quit the meformin. I have however stayed with the coumadin for A-Fib and the beta blocker, the high blood pressure meds and the water pills.. my glucose has come back up to 180 in the morning and then goes down to about 130 by nightfall. I am monitoring the glucose very closely, four or five times a day…..
    probably none of my business but the medical association run you out of the Phillippines? I just read your testimonial and congrats to you for finding the lord and getting your life back…God Bless, Jon

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Sorry for the long delay in response but working in Papua New Guinea was more intense than expected. Danger, heat, horrid internet and expensive but the people are amazing and make you feel like family. After working in the capital, on diabetes and high blood pressure I developed a formula for malaria that was 100 percent effective. A few weeks later we had given it out to 10,000 people and all got better. So that is what I have been doing. My new site documents what I am doing. I do want to have retreats but due to the number of deaths due to malaria, and massive contamination in Papua New Guinea I feel that getting this formula out to the public is worth the sacrifice. So for now, I will be enduring heat on the coast promoting the product. I have also realized that it will take some sponsors are the people with malaria are very poor and many do not have shoes. So even one dollar is a lot. In the future I am thinking of retreats, in Bali which is close to PNG. So thanks for your interest and I have all the emails of people that are interested.

  13. Liz Sinclair says:

    Hi, please let me know when your retreats are running in PNG. I live in Bali and would be very interested in coming over for a fasting retreat. Thanks.

  14. cancer in canada says:

    I am in Canada ,I am undergoing a biopsy for Lung Cancer , It is in the lung but believe it is from previous Breast Cancer 7 years ago , Do you have juicing for this , I would like to come to your clinic but not sure Canadian and have a driving offence that I would not be able to get into the USA until I get a pardon , is there a direct flight where you are that bypasses the USA and would they let me into your country ? the driving offence is a refusal of the breathalizer in 1986 . No other offences . and do you have a phone number to talk to someone ?

  15. cancer in canada says:

    I want a cure for this cancer ,how can I reach you ? and if I can’t come to a clinic do you have a book on fasting for curing cancer?

  16. C. JOhn says:

    yes, very interested in doing a detoxification retreat. Please sent information of the next opportunity.

  17. Holly Nolan says:

    My husband and myself are both over weight and after we had seen the dvd fat, sick, and ready to DIE. WE were impressed that it worked to loose weight fast and we want to attend a detox resort for 60 days with no disractions. Just focus having the fruit juice drink and vegetable juice 2 or 3 times per day. Please let us know thew resorts thay offere weight loss with swimming, walking, boxing, jogging, etc.We are from Illinois and what to know resorts that offer this and the price for a week, 30 day or 60 day plan. Thanks.

  18. Amy says:

    I have done 3/30 day juice fasts at home over the past 15 years. I was diagnosed in 2000 with Lupus. In January of 2000 my 15 year old son comitted suicide after taking a prescription drug Accutane for his cystic acne. I guess you can say STRESS in my life made me give up to a point and I just did’t eat or take care of my body like I should have. Three years ago I had a Lupus flare that involved my kidneys. The doctors put me on Prednisone, Plaquinil, Methortrexate, Benazpril, and a water pilll. The drugs made me feel aweful. The swelling in my feet and legs went down, but I always felt tired and nauseas. I tried convincing my doctors to let me do a Juice Fast explaining I had done it years before with success. They all said it was dangerous, etc. The last straw for me was when my doctor wanted to try a drug that had cases of patients dying within 24 hours of injection. So I started a 30 day Juice Fast without my doctors knowing. I’m on my 7th day and I have a question if you have the time to respond. In all my other fasts I usually felt pretty good by the 4th day. This fast there is a lot more detoxing of all the meds I was on, cigarettes, coffee, sugar, alcohol. The meds I weaned off slowly, especially the Prednisone. Can you recommend anything that will help me detox the drugs more quickly? I also have Psoriasis which is worse right now which I know happens. Also one last thing can you suggest a juice or something that can help my kidneys so they don’t become more damaged filtering all the drugs out of my system? On the 5th day I sweated alot and felt better after. I’ve been doing enemas in the morning. I can’t go to a retreat because I care for my 22 yr old disabled son in our home full time. Thanks for your time! Amy Simonetti

  19. Dianne Gianaris says:

    Please inform me of your retreats. I can’t figure out your web site but I would like information Thank you my name is Dianne Thanks again

  20. Florence Sialis says:

    Hi Tom,

    Wow! I am so excited about this raw food and drinking fresh juice. Any latest progress on the retreat here in PNG.

    I am lost for words but this is the way to go, if people what to live a long and enjoyable life – we should all stop and think about what we are putting into our body through our mouth.

    I would like to link up with any rawfoodist in PNG.

  21. Tom Coghill says:

    It will be a few months before we are open to a retreat in PNG.
    We are funded by the provinces for a center so that will be starting in march.

  22. Stephen Shelford says:

    Hi I am interested in a 10 day fast followed by 10 day raw food retreat in April can you help?

  23. Vicki Gutierrez says:

    Hi Tom,

    My husband Gabe and I are on day 3 of our first juice fast. Thank you for your article, “The Different Juice Fasting Stages of Detoxification”. Not only is it a great help to us but it is a good defense against nay-sayers.

    We, too, are interested in attending a retreat in PNG. Please put us on the list.

    Thanks much!

  24. Linda says:

    Dear Tom,

    God Bless you for what are you doing helping thousand and thousand people. Do you have any special formula for autism (neourological and gastrointestinal problem)?
    Thank you very much in advance for the reply.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Linda,
      We have a huge research budget and autism is on the list. Neourological problems are also very difficult to have an impact on. Gastrointestinal problems always a juice fast and raw food diets solve that problem.

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