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21 Responses to Contact

  1. nylvia says:

    Hi I live in America could You please Give Me some more info on Up coming Retreats I would. Like to go with the next 2 weeks if Possible…

  2. Sandi Rineer says:

    Please, I am very interested in your retreat. Could you provide me with more information. I would love to be able to come.

  3. Ziggy says:

    i am interested to attend a fasting retreat and would like to know more about your retreat, please.


  4. maria says:

    Question: What airport would I use to get quotes when planning a trip to your fasting retreat in papua new guinea?

  5. Wade says:

    I stumbled upon this site and am quite interested in the retreats but see that they may not be available for now. When do you expect to be up and running?


    Hi, I would like more information about the retreats, like how is the program and when

  7. Stella Tau says:

    Hi Tom

    I am a PNG citizen from Kavieng, New Ireland Province. I would like info on the detox retreat here in PNG and would like to register. Please revert with confirmations so I can arrange my travel to Port Moresby.

  8. jaclyn says:

    Hi i am interested in juice fasting. is your retreat a do it yourself?
    please give me some more information.If i juice fast i would like to stay for a month

  9. Nancy says:

    I live in Tennessee – Please send me the information on the retreats.
    Thank you.

  10. Danny says:

    Please contact me in regards to your retreat with dates, address , brochure etc

    Kind regards,

  11. Maria Parsmo says:

    Hi! My name is Maria and I live in sweden. Do you have any upcoming detox retreats? Could you send me sime infoo about them, what they include and prizes. Is there a possibility to stay a longer time?
    Thank You! ….Mia

  12. maria says:

    Hi Tom,

    Do you have a fasting retreat in october I can join. The dates I am targeting are October 15-24, 2011. I need to know the closest airport to the retreat center as well. I will begin fasting prior to my trip and leave the very difficult part, which is day 7-8 and forward, for you to guide me through. Please advise. Thank you.

  13. Jane says:

    Hi, I am very desperate and needing your advice as I have a friend who has been told they have 2 weeks to live with lung cancer- we have prayerfully believed in healing and are feeling lead to enquire on a retreat can you please get back to me asap and let me know how we could go about this- PLEASE!!!
    Thank you

  14. Bill Keich says:

    Would like to come and fast around Nov 27 thru Dec 30. Does that work for you. I need alot more information.


  15. barre bernhardt says:

    Are you open in the phillipines ? ? when can i come ? are you open in new Guiena ?

  16. joanna cottrell says:

    I am interested in your next fasting retreat.
    Is there a retreat before March? I would be available at any time.
    Please send information to my email address.
    Thank you, Joanna

  17. Jonas says:

    Hey Tom ,

    I´m interested in more information on formula 256 for psoriasis. Would that be working and possible?


  18. Thabisa says:

    Hi Tom.i would like more info about cleanse fasting.i live in South Africa

  19. Vicky Lindsay says:

    Hello – a question not about retreats but an orange juice fast. Have done the master cleanser for 30 days and loved it. Someone told me fasting on fresh juiced orange juice is just as powerful, maybe even more.
    My daughter is a nutritionist and wonders on an extended fast do you not need more protein and said maybe a protein powder at night so that muscles – can’t remember what she said – muscles aren’t diminished?
    Natures say takes care of it I’d say on a fast, don’t you.
    If I would take Spirulina or Moringa – do you know if it – higher in protein – if I would take these, would combining these greens with orange juice, that’s not proper combining, fruit with vegetable is it, but maybe juice is different with no fiber. What do you say?

  20. robert hansen says:

    i would very much like to get more info on your retreat. i am interested in attending soon. possibly early april. i have stage 4 metastatic colon cancer that is said to be terminal. it has spread to lungs and liver. part of my colon has been removed and i have a colonostopy. can you help. when attending the retreat i expect for 6 weeks i would like to bring my wife. is that possible.

  21. debra chavez says:

    I was diagnosed in 2012 with 2nd stage breast cancer with positive nodes and positive homone. the tumor was removed with sentienl node, I had 4 rounds of chemo and radiation. Doctor’s don’t say what to do next it’s seems like it’s a wait and see where it’s going to hit next. I want to proceed with the right after treatment. I have fasted in the past and the master cleanse. I’m not too much of a meat eate, but I started eating more meat thinking it would keep my bones strong and keep weight off, I’m 62 years old (but a young one) I exercise and do Bikram yoga. I’m looking for a good diet. Thanking you in advance